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Technology is an essential part of the classroom, offering students interactive approaches to learning that is fun and effective.  Laptops, chromebooks, and mobile devices can enhance instruction through engaging activities that encourage critical thinking and teamwork.  Devices should support educators in their instruction, not frustrate them.

TKK offers devices designed for the classroom from leading brands without blowing your budget.  Products have security features for restricting inappropriate content, tracking and remote management for easy updating.



Ruggedized devices are built to last, with available features including Gorilla glass for screen protection, water-proof/dust-proof/spill-proof keyboards, pick-proof locks, rubber bumpers, and more.

Budget Friendly

Schools can purchase Windows devices and Chromebooks for less than $200, giving educators the ability to allow to connect every student and boost achievement.


Administrators can track student devices, manage them remotely, filter content, and more to ensure student safety and cybersecurity.

Featured Brands

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