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Fire & EMS

Firefighters and EMS professionals need rugged mobile devices that can stand up to the same challenges they do.  First responders rely on technology in the field to provide the fastest route to the scene, review mission critical date, and report results of investigations in the field.

TKK offers Fire and EMS professionals a broad range of ruggedized mobile devices for connectivity on the go, featuring added protection against elements encountered in the field, such as water, dust, extreme temperatures, drops, and vibrations.  Ruggedized equipment also feature extended battery life so it works as long as you do.



Rugged and semi rugged devices stand up to harsh elements, such as water, dust, and extreme temperatures.


Eliminate impractical paper records with electronic record keeping.  Quickly and conveniently access important records or data on the scene.


Devices can provide professionals with vital data for making the most informed decisions for improved safety of your crew.

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